Discounted Event Rentals

In addition to our Private Bartending Service, we also have a variety of event essentials available for rent at extremely affordable prices!

We offer flexible rental terms and the rental prices shown are for the entire rental term.  This means that in most cases, you can pick up the items a day or two before your event, and return them a few days after your event!

Grey 6′ folding banquet tables, six available, rent for $5 each:


Grey 5′ heavy duty rectangle table, one available, rents for $5:

5' table

White 4′ x 2′ Table, two available, rent for $3 each:

4x2 table

White 4′ x 2′ Adjustable Height Table (adjusts from 24″ to 36″ high), one available, rents for $3:

4x2 adjustable table

White 4’x2′ Ice Party Table.  Keeps drinks & food cold, holds up to 50 pounds of ice with convenient drain tube. One available, rents for $10:

Ice Party Table

White 27″ Round cocktail table, can be set up for 27″ height or 47″ height, four available, rent for $5 each:

27in round 47in high collapsible cocktail table canva.jpg


White 32″ Round cocktail table, one available, rents for $5:

32 inch round bar height table

White 27″ Square cocktail table, one available, rents for $5:

27 inch square bar height table

6′ x 1.5′ Seminar Table with black fitted tablecloth, one available, rents for $5 (tablecloth included):

Black 4′ x 2′ Fitted Spandex Tablecover, 2 available, rent for $3 each:

4' stretchy tablecloths

Black Spandex Cocktail Tablecover, 2 available, rent for $5 each:


Black 90″ Round Polyester Tablecloths, 6 available, rent for $5 each:

round 90 black

Black 90″x 132″ Rectangle Polyester Tablecloth, 12 available, rent for $5 each:

black rectangle tablecloth

White 120″ Round Polyester Tablecloths, 12 available, rent for $5 each:

round 120 white tablecloth

White 52″ x 96″ Rectangle Tablecloths, 12 available, rent for $5 each:

white rectangle tablecloth

Black Steel Folding Chairs, 30 available, rent for $ .75 each:

Black Chair Covers, fit round or flat standard folding chairs, 200 available, rent for $0.50/each:

chair cover

5′ White Folding Bench, one available, rents for $5:

5' Folding Bench

Triple tap Jockey Box (Beer Dispensing System), includes CO2 canister, one available, rents for $100:

jockey box

PortaBeer Single Tap Kegerator.  Fully insulated, self-contained, mobile unit, no electricity required.  CO2 included, one available, rents for $50:

ypb (58)

Dual Faucet Kegerator.  Holds one full size (half barrel) keg or two 5 gallon (1/6 barrel) kegs. Requires electricity, includes CO2 canister, one available, rents for $75:

Dual Faucet Kegerator

QuikTap Portable CO2 Draft Beer Tap. Includes two CO2 canisters, two available, rent for $25 each:

Ubertap Multi-Faucet Keg Tap with Foot Pump, allows dispensing from three faucets at once, one available, rents for $10:


Kegskin Keg Insulators, 3 available, rent for $5 each:


Black 18 Gallon Beverage Tub, 3 available, rent for $3 each:

18 Gallon Utility Tub

Table Top Cooler, fits a 6′ banquet table, keeps food and beverages cold for hours, two available, rent for $5 each:

tabletop cooler

110qt Extra Large Cooler on Wheels, holds 168 cans, one available, rents for $15:

110qt cooler with wheels - holds 168 cans

125qt LED PartyBar Cooler (lights up), one available, rents for $25:

125qt PartyBar Cooler

80qt Stainless Steel Rolling Beverage Cooler, holds up to 100 cans, rents for $20:

stainless steel cooler

60qt Cooler on Wheels with Removable Cup Holders, one available, rents for $10:

60qt Ice Cube Cooler

5 Gallon Beverage Cooler, one available, rents for $10:

5 gallon beverage cooler

3 Gallon Insulated Beverage Dispenser, 3 available, rent for $5 each:

Beverage Dispenser

60 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker/Urn, one available, rents for $10:

Coffee Urn

Margaritaville Drink Mixer, click here for details, one available, rents for $30:

margaritaville drink mixer

Margaritaville Frozen Concoction [Margarita] Maker, one available, rents for $30:

Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Margarita Maker

Juicer, one available, rents for $5:


Stainless Steel Champagne Bucket with Stand, one available, rents for $10:

stainless steel champagne bucket with stand

Portable High-Top Bar, measures 39″w x 36″h x 15″d, three interchangeable front panels, one available, rents for $20:

portable bar     3-Skirts_with-labels

Deluxe Portable Party Bar with Umbrella, black, one available, rents for $50:

l-shaped portable barPortable Bar Inside

Portable Bartender’s Table with Umbrella, one available, rents for $30:

Bartender Table

Pop-Up Bar/Counter, one available, rents for $30:

Trade Show Pop Up Counter Inside Trade Show Pop Up Counter

2′ x 3′ White Sidewalk A-Frame Sign, one available, rents for $15:

white wet erase board changeable-message-signicade-icon black wet erase board

Three Panel Display Board with Header, 6’wx3’h plus 8.5″x23.5″ header, velcro fabric on one side, white board on the other, one available, rents for $15:


Display Easel, adjustable legs for indoor, outdoor & tabletop use, accommodates panels up to 48″h x 1.5″d, width adjusts from 43″-58″ wide, height adjusts from 52″-72″ high, one available, rents for $5:

easel2 easel

10′ x 12′ Backdrop Support, height adjustable from 3.5′-10′, width adjustable from 4.5′-12′. Holds lightweight curtains, banners, backdrop paper, one available, rents for $15:

Backdrop           backdrop support with curtains

Clear/White String Lights & White Extension Cords, varying lengths, 20 strings available, rent for $1 each:


Block Rocker 50 watt Portable Sound System with Microphone. Bluetooth, AM/FM, Aux input, battery powered or can be plugged in, input for instruments & other audio sources, one available, rents for $20:

block rocker sound system

Popcorn Maker with Cart, makes up to 24 cups per batch, rents for $35:

popcorn maker

18qt Roaster with Removable Buffet Server, one available, rents for $10:

roaster        roasater with inserts

Three x 1.5 QT Triple Slow Cooker, one available, rents for $5:

bella slow cooker

Crock-Pot Hook Ups, Double Oval 1QT and Round 2QT, metallic charcoal, 2 available of each size, rent for $5 each:

Crock-Pot Hook Ups Double Oval 1QT Crock-Pot-Hook-Ups-Round-2QT.jpg

Assorted Glassware, 20 available in each style, rent for $0.25 each:

6 oz Champagne Flute


8 oz Martini/Cocktail

8oz Martini Cocktail

8 oz Stemless Cocktail


8.5 oz Wine Glass

8.5 oz Wine Glass

12 oz Wine Glass


12 oz Margarita Glass


12.5 oz Pilsner Glass


12.75 oz Rocks Glass

12.75 oz Rocks Glasses

15 oz Hurricane


18.25 oz High Ball Glass

18.75 oz Beverage Glasses

18.25 oz Wine Glass

18.25 oz Wine Glass

21 oz Wine Glass/Water Glass

21oz Bordeaux Wine Glass

10 oz Footed Pilsner

Footed Pilsner Glass

2.5 oz Flared Shooter

2.5 oz flared shooter

Flexible rental terms.  Delivery and pick up available in the greater Des Moines area for $25/trip.  Separate security deposit required.